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My name is Robbie and I've got an R32 GTR that I'd like to get off the line! I've purchased the Launch Control course and I am very happy with the course content and delivery - it's exactly what I'm after! I'm eager to increase my knowledge around tuning and the refinements and small things that make the difference on the track and strip.

Hi Robbie,

Thanks for joining us - Always great to have other Kiwis on here :) I'm glad to hear you found the launch control course useful. Remember that our forum is always here if you have any specific questions.

Hi Robbie,

What ECU are you planning on using?

Hi Chris, I'm running the older Link G4 (not the G4+)

The only thing standing in my way to start introducing launch control is my catalytic converter - I'm not too concerned about damaging it but I'm unsure if the pulses from the ignition cut are going to cause it to loosen and create a potentional blockage in my exhaust.

It's certainly not the 'recommended' technique, but we conveniently gutted both cats on our 350Z using an ignition cut launch control. How well this works will depend on the design of the mufflers downstream though so some caution is advised :)

Also if you choose to do this, be prepared for a lengthy clean up around the back end of the car ;)

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