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I'm here to learn anything useful, and to be of any help if possible.

I've been working with tuning Subarus for a few years personally / for friends and recently, customers.

I enjoy reading and discussions on fueling, and calculating mass of air whether per second / engine revolution at the crank / or as a constant derived from absolute pressure. (g/sec, g/rev, and [g/rev / PSIa] respectively)

A little bit about my own project vehicle:


262,900 miles, original 5MT

FMIC / SD + Alpha N elements on stock ECU (using TPSv with it's own third order polynomial scale to blend between map 1 / map 2 tables)

rotational idle from launch control cutting fueling events, hooking into A4TJX100's ALS logic, for getting IAC valve duty to max.

(the rotational idle switch is only grounding the specific ECU pin when the ALS switch is also grounding it's ECU's pin)

throttle voltage to exit idle conditions is only 0.03v above base, which is roughly 0.89% throttle - the entire throttle range is well tuned across RPM and Pressure range, with extra little logic from altering table values and purposes under load. Fuel cut and fuel resume are predictable / solid.

If I can help anyone else feel excited about learning to finesse their setup, then losing a little bit of sleep is worth it.


Hey there Jonathan, welcome along to the forums.

A lifted WRX, that's a bit different mate, nice. There are plenty of guys starting out tuning via Subarus so I'm sure you'll be able to help a bunch over time =D

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