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Hello from Oregon, USA!

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Hello from Oregon, USA

I've been tuning 1991 thru 1993 GMC Syclones and Typhoons for about 13 years now. I use TunerProRT, along with an enhancement of the factory '58 code, which we call Code59. Code59 incorporates expanded AFR and timing tables, which allow us to explore higher rpm and boost regions, over and above the factory '58 code. Using a Moates emulator (Roadrunner) we can do real-time tuning, and have even done this remotely by using Team Viewer to access the owner's laptop, while he drives. We don't have real-time auto-tune features, but do have a useful web-based autotune function that works via the downloaded cvs files from TunerPro.

I just finished the introductory courses here, and discovered/learned much useful information! I'm getting ready to make engine modifications to my Syclone, so will be taking it through another round of tuning.

Hello rob welcome aboard