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Hello from Southern Indiana with a Barra swap

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Hey all! I joined during the wiring fundamentals webinar. I own a small automotive electrical business. Inloved what they taught and decided to sign up to learn more.

I learned a lot of what I know from working in the cell phone tower industry for a few years along with what I've picked up over the years messing with cars.

Anyways I bought a 1995 Cobra spring of 2018. I never could get the car to run right. It developed a miss at idle only at operating temp. Above 1200 RPM it ran flawless but below that it would idle around 300rpm or it would stall.

I replaced a lot of parts. The funny thing was everything i replaced or fixed was needed.

-Top end gaskets. One head gasket was backwards, and the lower intake gaskets we're missing.

-Replaced entire ignition system. Cracked TFI, oil soaked distributor, removed crappy MSD ignition box and Blaster coil.

-Replaced leaking FPR and added fuel PSI

-Replaced untuned ECU with megasquirt. Car was h/c/i on factory tune.

-Replaced and repinned ECU connector due to loose pins

-Replaced injectors.

There was a lot more for sure and reasons why I went with replacing the parts I did. After everything I found that I had bad wiring for the #6 and #7 injector ECU ground wires. I decided to throw it all out and redo everything. A friend talked me into doing a Barra swap. Well, here I am.

I'll be making a build thread soon.


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Another Hoosier! What made you choose the Barra over a "normal" I6 engine?

Fellow Hoosier here, joined from the wiring seminar also.


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