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Hello from Telemark, Norway

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Hi all,

I am a 32 year old Norwegian, I work as an engineer, and i am a huge petrolhead. I especially like RWD cars with straight sixes:)

I try to do most of the work on the cars myself, but I don´t know so much about EFI tuning, and will try to learn more about this.

My car is a 1987 Nissan Laurel, modified in virtually all areas. Currently running a RB25DET with Vipec V44 plug in, ID1000 injectors and GT3076R turbo with 1.06 AR Twin scroll exhaust housing on a homemade ex.manifold. Its making 470hp and 570Nm at the hubs on a Dynapack.

My goal is to build and install an RB30 engine, and to tune it myself.

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Hi JFinken,

Welcome to the forum. That's some impressive figures, what boost are you running to make that?

Thanks Chris.

I`m running 1,4-1,5 bar of boost. It`s a pretty basic setup really, stock longblock and cams, but works quite well. The twin scroll exhaust housing do make a huge difference in the low end of the powerband and driveability.

So not even a metal head gasket? I always keep boost below 1.2bar for safety (paranoia) on stock blocks

No, stock head gasket. It`s probably quite close to the limit though, but i haven`t had any problems with it. I have used it on track but not for extended periods on full throttle. For hard use like serious track driving for long stints a limit of 1.2 is probably more sensible.

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