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Hello from the Land Up North : Canada

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Good day all! My name is Francis and I am from Quebec, Canada.

I've been on HP Academy for about a month now. I've completed the EFI Fundamentals and the AFR course, and is approx halfway throught the Practical Standalone tuning. I've also watched various webinars... As I approach the end of this course, I'll try to be more on the forum to look what info is out there and also I will get in some good discussions!

As far as who I am, well I have always been passionate about cars, tuning, engine building, I love learning new stuff on various topics. My career so far in the "industry" is about 15 years long. I've began as a Vehicle Technician in the Canadian Army which I have been for about 13 years. I was specialized in the electrical and hydraulic systems. I've then changed trade and I am now completing my training to become an Avionics System Technician in the Canadian Air Force in a few months.

Beside my military career, I'm also the technician for a shop located in Quebec, called Elegant Drift Shop. We specialize in S and R Chassis, mostly engine building, wiring, and I'm looking to get a dyno to add to our lineup. We have officialy opened in 2014 in our current location, but I have build my first S13 SR20 back around 2004. So I can say I've done many mistakes (from using ebay turbo kits with manifold made of paper thin material, gapping rings way to much and discovering what blowby means, etc...) and with the time, done great builds!

As I like to do things right the first time (well, as much as I can!) I suscribed to HP Academy to have the knowledge to become an efficient tuner. I am very satisfied with the quality of your courses, and what I've learn so far! I will keep an eye on the webinars and forum posts for sure!

Anyway, enough talking about who I am! We are currently building a R32 GTR "Restomod/Promo car" for our shop and I'll probably create a thread in the "Builds" section when I'll have some time!



Hi Francis,

Welcome to HPA. It would be good if you could start a build thread, what are your plans for it?

Hey Chris,

Thanks for the greeting!

So basically, the direction for the project, being a Restomod, is to keep things pretty sober for the bodywork. We will also keep the RB26, which will be heavily modified. The purpose of the car is to go in the events to show great parts from manufacturers that we selected to be part of the project. But don't worry, the car will also see the track, it won't be a garage/trailer queen!

As for the setup, you'll need to wait the build thread! We pretty much have everything documented so far on our FB page, but I'll need to translate it to english before posting it in here, as we are French Canadian!



Post up a link to your page, google translate can do the bulk of the work ;)

Salut Frank...

yanik75 de St-Rock-De-Mekinac [mauricie] sa fait 20 ans que je suis mécano.

Je me lance dans le tuning , si tu veux échanger en francais ca va me faire plaisir de jaser.

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