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@Taz-Quinn-Walshe. I have it since 2011. I wanted to be ahead of corrosion. Especially at the front strut towers, this is a common place were rust occurs. Mine has no rust, i like it to stay that way. :)

Yes it's certainly easier to do it before it is a problem, and the upshot is your car is now absolutley mint!

Very nice indeed!!!

Its hard to find good turners who can troubleshoot a problem and come up with the correct solution/s, rather than making guesses. I fully understand how your feeling as I have a RB25DET S2 project as well running Nistune.

I already have the software and started to get familiar with it but the training course has made me far more knowledgeable and have given me a lot more confidence in dealing Nistune and tuning in general.

Keep on searching, I am sure you will find and solve your problem soon.



Hi david,

Thanks for the reply.

I've got the nistune software this weekend and trying to get formiliar with it. It seems that i have already found something, that can be the problem.

The point were the VCT solenoid is activated is exactly @ the point of 3200 rpm @ a certain load. The rpm when cruising on the highway.

Now i also understand why the problem also accured @ all the gearing @ the same rpm. Even on idle when hitting the throttle.

I can see that the map tracer is going in and out the transition point where the VCT is enabled. Resulting in a very inconsistend behavior of the engine. Also the Short term fuel trim @ that moment is becoming sky high (20%). I also have the android version of Nissan data scan, before i had Nistune. I saw that the lambda was very lean @ that moment and that explains why the Short term fuel trim is so high.

When i have time i will disconnect the connector of the VCT solenoid and take the car for drive. When the problem is gone i will adjust the flags were the VCT comes in and hopefully the problem is solved. But before i do this i want to install a Wideband O2 sensor so that i know that everyting is ok. Now i'm operating a little bit blind without it.

Now using the software it's becoming easier to pin point problems because i can use logging. Before this it was guessing, now it's commen sense.

That's great!!!

I really believe in being able to see what's going on with my engine, that's why I purchased the Nistune software for my Nistune ECU. I will agree that its not as sophisticated as a stand alone, seeing that it's just a daughter board transplant but it's really good for the level my project is at.

I am happy to know that you found the problem and having your Wide Band O2 sensor up and running is definitely a plus. I wouldn't do anything without it and it ties right into Nistune as well.

I am sure you are alot more confident now having figured it out yourself.

Let us know how it turns out.


I saw a RB25DET on YouTube with a variable exhaust cam gear and a Greddy MSS installed to control the VCT. What exactly does this do in terms of proformance and how does it affect the tune?

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