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Hello from the south of the UK :)

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Hello everybody!

I've been toying with the idea of getting the starter package after realising it's pretty difficult to find solid information about EFI tuning on the internet. After seeing the webinar deal I had to go ahead.

To give you an idea of my day 1 knowledge: I don't have any tuning background beyond carburetor 2 stroke scooters - so no timing adjustment, and vaguely guessing the AFR based on the colour of the spark plug after a WOT run down the road at (nearly :p) operating temp. I did a full rebuild with uprated parts and a 70cc bore kit on my first scooter, including a new crankshaft, CVT roller tuning and carb setup, and a CVT rebuild with my second. I also carry out all the work on my car myself with the help of my dad, so I have a decent base of mechanics skills. I have watched the free course a few times over so I also have the core fundamentals of EFI under my belt, and more importantly making sense in my head! And really looking forward to learn more over the years.

I'm 24 and anyone else in the UK knows how expensive insurance is for young drivers, so I only got my license last year and have been budget limited to a 1.6L Citroen C2 VTS. I started looking into EFI education as I originally planned to turbocharge it, given that the TU5JP4S engines can hold over double the standard 125hp on boost with standard internals it seemed a great first project. I was going to use a TD04L-12T turbo, an ME221 standalone ECU and fab everything myself aiming to keep the whole project under £2000. Recently I've come to the conclusion I'd be better off putting that money into a Type R EP3 and a K-Pro, learning on a solid and well known naturally aspirated setup, and move forward from there. However, who knows! either way, I'll be sure to start a build thread.

Right now I'm just aiming to learn on my own car, with a view to setup a tuning business in the near future focusing on reflashing. One day I'd love to be able to own my own dyno and set up a reputable shop.

For now, I really look forward to starting the courses and interacting with everyone here. Big thanks to HP academy for making this information at such a high quality and professional level, and most of all affordable.


Welcome Rhys sounds like you going to go enjoy this Academy