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My name is Theo, South African by nationality, and been in the UAE for just short of 12 years now.

I'm mostly interested in Euro and Jap cars, as I prefer something that can make a lot of power, but also not fall to pieces when introduced to a corner (I'm looking at you, yank tanks).

Really interested in all the great info I will hopefully gain from these courses to bridge the gaps in the knowledge that I already have.

Currently have a 2009 Peugeot 207 GTi (same motor as Cooper S) pushing 220kw and 400Nm thanks to a much larger FMIC, Hybrid K03/K04 turbo, 3" dp and 2.5" mid and rear exhaust, cold air intake (proper cold air, not the open filter under the hood bs), water-alcohol injection, and E-tuners software. Unfortunately that is the torque limit for the engine internals.

Welcome to the forum, Peugeot cars aren't widely tuned here even if it's the same lump as a Mini, what's your options to go further? Just rods or full build?

Thanks for the welcome.

Rods and pistons. The most that has been achieved from this humble little 1.6L is 420hp with upgraded rods and pistons and GTX turbo.

But I don't plan on going for such upgrades. The current 300hp (230hp per tonne) is plenty enough for this car, and seeing as she is my daily driver, I think it's best to not push my luck too much :-D

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