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Hi guys,

My passion for cars and a desire to understand how they work has led me to this forum, I have a love for anything with an engine but my focus for sometime has been on Japanese cars. My love affair with the land of the rising sun began with a need for reliability after having some problems with previous cars, the choice was clear to me a 2002 Honda civic type R would fit my criteria perfectly, reliable, fun and affordable insurance for someone young. I was instantly hooked and shortly began modifying my toy, it wasn't long before I had the bug and the list of modifications grew. Fast forward 10 years and here I am with a skyline GTR that I have owned and loved for 5 years unfortunately it has been off the road for the last 2 as when I took it to be dyno'd the mapper found the engine was knocking.

I am currently in the process of putting my Nissan skyline R33 GTR back together after what has been an extensive rebuild, during this time I have learnt a huge amount about the car and it's mechanics. However I still have little knowledge about its electronics and how they are setup to make the car perform , I am keen to learn about this side of the rebuild as my car will shortly be ready for mapping and I would like an understanding of what is going on. Some advice on the wiring before then would be very useful too.



Thanks Will, I look forward to hearing more about your R33 :) Should be very cool to watch it come back to life :)

Hi will like yourself I'm in the UK and I have what can only be described as an addiction for Japanese cars. I may be even able to help with the wiring advise so can always drop me a message and I'll always help if I can. Where abouts in the country are you? I'm near Oxford.


Hello Will,

I'm from the UK too, welcome on board.

Thanks guys,

Hi Wayne I'm in wiltshire.

Been really busy with the rebuild, engine and gearbox are back in, working on the plumbing and electrical connections now. This week will consist of (providing my parts arrive from japan) fitting the airbox, intercooler and piping them up, fitting the seats and running some extra wiring into the engine bay. I have a zeitronix wideband with a host of extra sensors, a trigger kit and a link g4+ pnp ecu which I am going to wire in very soon providing I can get my head around it.


Which trigger kit did you go for? I'm in the middle of a full wire in Xtreme G4+ with TDP trigger kit

Hi Chris,

I it's an Amt trigger kit, comprising of a 36 -1 trigger wheel, 2 inductive speed sensors (1 for the cam pulleys and 1 for the crank trigger) and the brackets required to position the sensors.

Let me know how you find it once your up and running, I'm always on the look out for other options

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