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Hey guys!

Watched the engine building webinar this evening, and as I'm building a few engines at the moment and soon to be going very much outside my comfort zone I thought signing up for this was a more productive use of my money than buying new components without a decent knowledge of exactly what I'm doing with them.

I have quite an acquired taste in cars, most of mine being old Daihatsu's. I have 3 G11 Charades, an L80 Domino and a 1967 Compagno, (the latter of which probably wont come up here as thats probably going to be more carburettor based tuning), but I also have a E36 BMW and a few other things in the collection so I feel I'm never going to be out of questions to search here for the answers to.

Always being in the more old school side of car building my knowledge of engines is equally old fashioned. But a lot of track time and a few Nurburgring trips has naturally got me chasing a bit more power than my carb powered 3 cylinders can provide. One I am keeping as I'm running it in the Club1000 at the Ring, and the regulations dictate standard small engined silliness, but for a couple of my others I have acquired some more modern EFI engines with aftermarket parts availability, still 3 cylinders, as thats what I enjoy, but a reliable 180-200bhp 3 pot in my 500kg car should provide the kind of go to appease the itch for now. Now I dont know a great deal about EFI tuning at present, I have a basic knowledge but thats the reason I am here I suppose, to expand on my knowledge and make my cars more fun.

I know my cars and the horsepower figures I'm chasing are absolutely nothing in comparison to most of you, and I hope that doesnt subtract from my input here.

But yeah. Thats me and a brief synopsis of my silly little cars. Thanks for having me!!

welcome mate we are all about learning not the size of your piston here

i hope you enjoy learning with us

Regards Ross