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Hi all, ive just watched the first 6 free lessons and purchased the starter pack. looking forward to learning all i can and hopefully turn the knowledge into a career. I'm currently just working full time in the civil service (sucks i know), but have always had an interest in cars between me and my brother. only tuning i have done so far to date was to buy a mk2 mx5 and supercharge it with a mini cooper m45 supercharger, used an adaptronic e420c ecu and managed to get the car running but long story short, my wiring was crap and my tps sensor was hooked up right and the car died. hoping to have another go as money comes in to buy a mk1 mx5 and maybe have a play with an n/a tune then try turbo. would any recommend using a mega squirt pnp and wideband or Greddy emanage? or just go full standalone for a beginner?

hope I haven't rambled on for too long! anyway, look forward to being a contributing member as much as i can and learning everything efi!

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Welcome to the forum Tristan, I have a mark2 in the shop with the same supercharger kit.

The mega squirt plug and play is a full stand alone and is a vary capable unit, I tuned half a dozen charged mark 1's last year who all had the kit fitted.I would definitely go for that over any piggy back system.

you could find yourself regretting telling me that haha, may have to come to your for some advice ;). i was leaning towards the megasquirt simply for the savings and probably an LC1 unless you can recommend a wideband? the only real issue i have with my setup was no idea how to run the dual throttle body setup, is this needed for a intercooled setup? if not can i just run with one tb at WOT all the time? if so would that be the standard tb id use of the pre charger tb?

You're in the right place for advice, ask away.

I've not done any of the spanner work on he 5's, they always come 'dyno ready'. The MK2 only has the TB pre-charger and a custom inlet manifold.

The megasquirt is a great plug and play as most of these builds are budget builds, it's more than capable of doing anything you want add anything there is some room for expansion, i.e. boost control on turbo'd cars.

The LC1 is kind of old hat but if you have one it will work as good as anything else on the market, if your still to buy one you'll be hard pushed to find one first hand now as the LC2 was released and then replaced with the MTX range. I use an LM2 for work away from my dyno so can trust the Innovative results, I've been using them for over 15 years now.

hi chris, do you know if they do a full pnp megasquirt for the mx5? i mean where i can unplug my stock ecu and plug in the MS to the existing loom, then its all ready to setup on the laptop, or would there be additional wiring needed? i get confused with the DIY pnp etc, i will try and learn wiring and probably take the wiring course on here in due course, but for now id just like an ecu that is ready to go? also if converting from MAF to MAP, how would the ecu know this, would i just run a vac line from the inlet to ecu? if so what would it attach to and what would i do with the existing MAF sensor and wiring. really appreciating this advice so far :).

They do a PnP for the mk1, I'm not sure about the mk2. It comes ready to go, with a base map loaded on.

It uses map and iat to calculate air content instead of measuring air flow through the AFM

would be able to provide a link to the pnpms for mk1? as the only uk site i look at seems dated and im not sure what id be buying? i also recall when i was on mx5nutz, there was a forum member by the name of reverent (my spelling is bad sorry) who i believed modified MS so they were pnp for mx5's, i think this inlcuded a pvp loom.

I can't provide a link I'm afraid, like I say, the cars usually come ready to tune. This is the only link I can find http://www.extraefi.co.uk/products/MX5_ecus.html

It was a Greek person I believe they were bought from

To anyone who could shed some light. Would driving a car on a basemap say from a house go an industrial estate for the purposes of road mapping be safe?

As I don't have a trailer and want to avoid costs initially, my idea would be to say use a fairly accurate basemap, drive the car (only low revs and load) to a location, then attempt to map the car from scratch (as a blank project, not from the basemap) and if I would be unsuccessful or struggled, I could just reload the basemap and then drive the car home and try another day?

You'd probably get more response if you posted up in one of the main discussion sections.

So long as you took it easy whilst driving and were monitoring your AFRs and listening for knock there shouldn't be an issues.

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