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Hi I am from GA in the US. I started messed with tuning with a megasquirt 2 back in 2010 or so. I've worked with several different ecu's since than. I have 1992 mazda miata with a 1.6l motor that is turbocharged. My goal is drive ability to be like any oem car, I found not a lot of ecu's offer the abilities or way to tune it like I was looking for.

What part of GA? I'm from GA too!

Leesburg, GA near Albany, GA

southwest ga region

ahhh going to import alliance?

Welcome Techsalvager! Great to have you along :)


What ecu's have you been looking at? I use Link a lot and have no issues with oem driveability, I have used MS on an MX5 (Miata) too and the owner had no issues with driveability afterwards, you just need to be able to spend the time to set up everything properly

MS is laughable compared to a stock ecu's abilities to make sure an engine can work well.

I was looking into link\vipec, has a lot of what I was interested in.

Big I think I am interested in is having the ability for the vehicle to have fail over modes for control

MAF > MAP or TP, etc. To have ways to have default values in case of a sensor failure.

To have better control over power enrichement. I generally stay at stoichmetric even in boost. I would like more flexibility in terms possibily how long I can stay at stoichmetric and or a certain pressure limit before entering power enrichement.

I"ve been looking into possibile grafting in a stock ford or gm ecu into my car.

I also looking into the motec m1 series, very interested in one of those.

I have a ms2\ms2extra

using SD for ve table

TPS for afr target table

MS is a lot more basic compared to oem level ecus but it is a diy kit essentially.

You can create failsafes in the link/vipec ecus, again it all comes down to how much time you wish to spend on it

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