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Hello From WA! Any MR2 owners here?

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I'm loving these courses! It really gives a leg up on many others around that "know what they are doing" but seem to have alot of customer returns or paying (or not paying) for customer's blown engines. I've been thinking about it for a long time but finally have the means to do the HP classes and Im not disappointed!

I'm building a 01 Toyota MR-S for time attack and track duty around the USA. It started it's life as a sad and unloved little MR-2. When I purchased, it had over 18,000$ in shop quoted damage with 3 totals and 1 total loss fire. I like to challenge myself and my abilities and learn so much with each project I complete. It was fully repaired a little bit at a time and made a couple events this last summer for tuning the new suspension before I finished with the aesthetic points. Now fully wrapped and reliable adding the race prep stuff during this winter, swapping in a meaner Lotus 2zz engine and a tune on AEM ems.

I love to see peoples projects and the awesome before and after photos and build plans. It's the spirit that keeps motorsport enthusiasm alive!


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Welcome. Very cool project! Looks like a fun one. I just started the courses myself, but am really enjoying them.

Not a MR2 owner, but I do have a Lotus Exige with the 2zz. Great engine.

Curious about the AEM setup, what are you running for an ECU?

Thank you guys! I'm really loving the whole light weight lower power cars and surprisingly it eats much larger and heavier cars with double my HP in many courses.

The engine is in the works to be rebuilt but I will be running the AEM EMS-4 unit with the help of a monkey wrench racing splice harness and chopping all the unnecessary wiring out of my factory loom which can be quite heavy.

Hi Tariq,

Welcome to HPA. I work on one which competes and has won it's class for the last 3 years, they're a very under rated car. We're using a power FC and GT25 turbo

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