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Hey there, I'm Aidan and it's a pleasure to be here!

I'm an automotive software engineer in my day job, and apparently a bit of a fan of Toyotas...

I own one of each of the "major" 90's Toyota sports cars . (Though the supra is a UK spec car so not quite true to JDM heritage like the other two). A twin turbo Supra, a turbo MR2 and a Celica GT-Four ST205.

Been a follower of the Youtube channel for a while and decided to take the plunge due to the Cyber Monday offer.

The MR2 is presently in the garage with some glass, some doors, some brake lines and the whole clutch line left to remove before it's just a complete bare shell. Undergoing a complete teardown and rebuild (And some oh so fun mods!) from bare metal as the car has been sat for more than a decade prior to me saving it.

Looking forward to learning a whole lot more from you guys!

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Thats an impressive collection, welcome along.

nice collection of cars man, welcome to the forum