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Hey everybody, from the west coast in Canada!

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It’s a pleasure to be apart of this community.

i am a diesel equipment technician by trade, but racing and turbo gas engines are my passion.

I currently have a Silvia s15 spec r and a Honda prelude as a daily, unfortunately I blew up my sr20 recently and I am starting the rebuild and upgrade process.

looking forward to learning with HPA and being being apart of the forum.

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Hey Brandon,

Sweet S15! Those are my favorite S-Chassis, too bad we ended up moving from 15 to 25 years to import JDM cars in Québec. We don't see these a lot in our part of the country.

What happened to your SR?

Hi Frank,

Thank you!

I had no idea Quebec had different laws for imported vehicles compared to the rest of Canada, that’s unfortunate.

i have noticed a lot of parts come from businesses based in Montreal, I imagine there must be a decent car scene out there.

im pretty sure my cylinder 1 injector has failed, or is maybe clogged. Cylinder 1 was running lean and detonating, melted the piston, it still has decent compression and leak down tested ok. I already have the engine out but it’s still on the crane, once I get it on the stand I would like to use a power probe to fire the injectors and look at the spray pattern.

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