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Hey from Ohakune, New Zealand

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Hey guys,

I'm Sean Jones, live in Ohakune, NZ. I run my own small business as an engineer, mainly mobile stuff (I have a big tandem trailer, gull wing sides, that is essentially a mobile workshop) doing a lot of repair and maintenance for the agriculture/horticulture businesses, about 25% of the work I do is automotive fabcrication from my small workshop based out of home.

A fair chunk of my time is dedicated to Oldschool Toyotas and Mazdas and largely drifting, hence one of my (many) projects is my 13b PP powered KE30 corolla (that I drift).

The latest project of mine is a KP Starlet powered by an Injected 4age, which essentially leads me here.

I did the EFI fundamentals course a while back and really enjoyed it but didn't have a project I could apply much practical knowledge to up until installing a Link G4+ ATOM into this Starlet. I just recently finished the road tuning course and road tuned this car, although I plan on revisiting a few aspects as I was in a hurry to get it done for an event.

I'm a big fan of doing everything myself and when faced with a new challenge I prefer to buy the equipment I need or in this case do the course rather then pay somebody else to do it, so far its meant over the years i've gained a decent amount of gear and feel I can tackle everything I've needed to on one of my projects with reasonable success.

look forward to doing more courses, learning as much as I can and potentially sharing any knowledge I have that might help others out.


Hi Sean,

Welcome to HPA. Would you fancy putting your projects in the build section? They sound like they could be a great insight into swaps and ingenuity

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