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Hi All, just building a Toyota Celica st205 big bhp

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good morning,

i am building my own forged engine and all supporting mods looking for 650bhp from my 3sgte gen 3 engine

i am looking at using Brian Crower head parts and stage 3 cams, a choice of turbos Garrett 30/71r or 30/76 lots of custom work looking to work with water/meth injection to look after the cooling at high rpm but to remove the lag of the turbo I’m wanting to use nitrous to get the old girl going 50/60 shot until the turbo comes in, this is the advice and thoughts on

any advice is great received


G'day Simon. Great to have you on the board! Post up some pics of your project in the build -threads section and keep us updated. In my home-town I drive past a pair of neglected st185 turbo celicas almost daily and am getting the itch to go and ask the owner about them... They look like interesting cars, a japanese classic that hasn't yet shot up in value possibly?

The old celica is starting to go up in price as America can now import them as they are so old might be a great investment

i will start a build thread and up load a few pics

Hi Simon,

Welcome to HPA.

What sort of work are you planning on doing to the head and what sort of use is planned for the car, fast road, track etc? probably a discussion best saved for your build thread

The ST185's have shot up in value, I bought my first one for £2200 in 2002/3, now a cheap on is over £4000, I'd love another but can't justify buying one as I'd need to have it totally rust free, can't stand dealing with rust on my own cars, mechanically I can sort easy enough.

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