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Hi Everyone, Laurentiu from Romania

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My name is Laurentiu, i live in Bucharest, Romania. Ever since I was little i used to get my hands dirty on bike engines and was very passionate about mechanics :) I'm only 27yrs old but owned a few cars in my time most modified here and there at the engine, even rebuilt my own engine from zero without any courses and it was a true failure even tough the mistakes warren't big

1st mistake (over torquing cam cover and after 500km the gasket cut itself and oil was all over engine bay :(

2nd mistake that did big damage is that i used OEM head gasket and reused the head bolts, that was a big mistake. So this build had standalone management, wire in type :) the wiring was at least done properly i even configured the ECU with some knowledge from workshop manual and ecu manual but after that i gave the car to a tuner. That's when the gasket failed do to high pressure (maybe high egt) and water filled the cylinders during the final tune :( 305 HP

Since then i promised myself that I will not repeat the same mistakes again, so one day i found HPA :D and now I just finished Engine Building and EFI Tuning fundamentals course and started practical EFI tuning course.

Before building the engine I will install the standalone ECU and start putting in practice what I learned, I guess it's better to try your first tune before you actually build the engine, this way if you do a mistake you didn't actually loose anything expensive :) HPA courses helped me a lot in seeing how stupid I was :) and also gave confidence to do the ECU mapping myself :)

Thanks a lot HPA Team!!



Hi Laurentiu,

Welcome to HPA. Be sure to start a project thread and let us know how you're getting on

We usually reply within 12hrs (often sooner)

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