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Hi from a major Subaru Nutcase that lives in Australia

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Hi all, as I mentioned I am a serious Subaru nut case have a collection of Subaru toys but all are left field, not your normal Subaru stuff.

Have 10 Subaru SVX, one that I race on the track as a track day car, it has a standard engine for now but recently got a PPG sequential 6 speed transmission, one I drive in the desert in Australia (has 700,000 k's on it with a few engine changes). And a bunch road registered ones.

A Subaru open wheel from Japan, FJ1600 has a EA71 engine with twin carbs, we are building up a new EA81 for this car with CNC heads aiming for 200 hp which is double what it has now. Will have a Link ECU.

The jewel in the toy collection is all the spare parts including a couple engine from the Subaru F1 team when they quit F1 after having failed to even qualify for a single race. These engines are a flat 12 cylinder 3.5 litre, 14,000 rpm screamers developing 600 hp. Do a google they are known as Subaru 1235's

I have joined the course so I can learn how to program ECU's. I am just finishing the building of my own engine dyno on which I plan to do a bunch of R&D into what makes power and what doesn't. Also have a development program to make a compression ignition engine. Not interested in turbo, am old school strictly NA.

60 years old this year but have a massive desire to learn till the day I die.

Keep well all and enjoy life, its fun

Hi Deserttunner, Welcome to HPA.

Those all sound very interesting, would you be willing to share some pictures of your collection in the build section, I'm sure some would love to see your homemade engine dyno as well.

Here in the UK they've started using the flat 6 out of the SVX in their Impreza's, strapping a couple turbo's on and getting some good results.

Hi Chris,

I will post a couple of photos in the section you suggest.

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