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Hi from Auckland, New Zealand.

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Hi there,

My name is Lawrence and I've been interested in cars and tuning for quite a long time now.

I've mainly been playing with old nissans chip tuning in realtime with a 16bit emulator with live map tracing (multirom 16L) using software that I wrote for it called NRE way before the realtime boards with built in emulators came out (nistune and the like) - however currently all my old tuning gear is gathering dust on the shelf as its partially useless with my current car apart from the datalogging and sensor packages I used back then.

I've been through a few cars over the years. Starting with a more than a few rwd toyota truenos, handfuls of fwd honda crx's, a 4wd gtir, fwd vzr pulsar, a few 180sx's and a couple of cefiro's and now, many years after starting off, I currently have a JDM 2005 EP3 Type R Civic with a K20a that is totally stock apart from a speed meter that *cof*accidentally*cof* removed the speed limiter.

I am planning on leaving it looking stock - and leaving the engine, intake and exhaust alone so long as they don't require replacing due to blockages or rust or "issues" - to be used for a street daily driver - this is plenty quick enough in todays traffic levels on a public road. Oh there ARE dreams of doing silly upgrades to it - but in practice the upgrades i'll focus on are all bushes related (suspension touched with nolathane and a couple of pillowballs in the right places for alignment purposes, gearbox shifter and cable bushes with billet for feel, engine mounts with nolathane again to stop weird movements etc)

Ive signed up for this site - a BIG thank you to Lauren from customer support here - to learn more about some bits and pieces around aftermarket ecu's that require setup from scratch and how to be safe doing so. As you can guess from writing tuning software for my earlier Nissans and Hondas, I've played around with re-tuning the factory ecu's - using them as a base map - to cope with changes fairly successfully but i want to know more about setting up a "from scratch" timing map and other things around ignition timing on a modern high compression engine - my current JDM K20a.

Ive done road tuning, engine dyno tuning and chassis dyno tuning and been lucky to deal with some very knowledgeable motorsports people while doing so and have also had the luck of spending a year in a drift workshop learning on a chassis dyno (not the tuner there - but able to play with my own car outside hours on the dyno) what worked and what didnt for various things - but i will not call myself a tuner by a long shot - as in my mind i dont feel i know enough - and when there are people like Andre out there - you could i guess call me a beginner to mid range apprentice - with some dangerous knowledge in some areas that I know is incomplete :) (I never melted or exploded anything - touch wood that trend stays around heh)

In any case - Hi everyone :)

I'll be making good use of the search function in these forums :) Nice to be part of the community here and I hope to learn as much as I can in the coming future :)

Hi Lawrence great to have you on board

Hi Lawrence. I've just signed up for some training, and I'm based on the west side of Auckland... Swanson. I've got a 2003 Subaru Legacy GT-B, and a 2003 Land Rover Discovery. Both cars have a tunable ECU, and I hope to find out what both of them can really do with some proper engine management.

See ya around.


Hey Lawrence!

Long time no see... I'm still using NRE and my multirom also, great software you wrote! Would love to catch up, lost your contact years ago...


HI Sam, yup, it's been a minute alright.

Welcome to HPA - you'll find some very cool people hiding away in here.

I would have thought the import tuning market that the software was written for was drying up by now - good to hear its still useful.

take care


Gimme a buzz or shoot me an email, had someone with a mutirom enquire.about purchasing a copy of NRE.


Not selling it anymore or doing any more dev work on it - I put that to rest when i got some moates emulators and wrote some more modular software for nissan/ evo/ subi's - and i put them to rest when i moved over to my aftermarket ecu's i've had.

I'm pretty sure there's other software that uses multiroms and works with nissans (nistune?) that they can use instead.

Have fun - hope you finally got the manx working or finished the silvia since i saw them way back when.

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