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Hi from beerwah, Queensland

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Hi my mame is ben

I have just built and installed a holden 355 stroker and t56 into my 96 vs commodore ute. Now im just having some issue getting the tune right on the haltech platinum gm sport ecu. Ill get it sorted one day

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Hi Ben,

Welcome to HPA, What issues are you having?

i have had a couple of tunes done on my holden 355 t56 manual vs ute its fitted with a haltech platinum gm sport ecu. Each tune thats been done has had differing issues with tune and how driveableit is after. I have attached a copy of the tune files for u to view.

The phil tune was too rich and made cruising impossible but was good under full load.

The barry tune is good at cruising but under full load especially low rpm full load it can occasionally ping.

The barry altered has been me trying to smooth the tables and get better cold start settings as it stalls out if u dont give it any throttle after it fires

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