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Hi from Belgium

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Hi everybody ,

My Name is Kenny , i'm from Belgium ,Europe

most of my work is making wiring looms , mostly for the s-chassis scene here in belgium and the netherlands ; SR20det(red- , black- and notchtop) , CA18det , RB25

and installments of add-ons like boostcontrollers etc.

My own cars :

S14 zenki (sr20)

S14.5 (sr20)

RS13 (CA18 - soon to be RB25)

and my c34 Laurel (rb25)

All Nissan , all turbo :)

Great to have you as a member Kenny!

The s-chassis and RB tuning scene here in NZ is very popular too. If you have questions or problems let us know and we will do our best to help you.

Hi Kenny, welcome to the forum.

Any examples of your work?

Thanks for the replies :)

I havent got much pictures at all , currently working on 2 sr20 redtop in lhd rs13 wiring looms. After that i'm making a loom for a bmw e30 with a 4.4litre v8 swap with a new ecu , wich offcourse needs a setup and tune :)

Hi Kenny,

The Pectel ECU's are a Cosworth ECU, usually reserved for high end race teams, here's a link to their site for the SQ6M ECU


The Autronic ECU's used to be an ECU of choice for lower budget teams and road cars, the one's I've had experience with were basic and used what looked like an earphone jack to serial cable for communications. Still a very good brand back in its hayday

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