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Hi from Melbourne Australia.

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Hey guys and girls,

Been into going fast since I can remember. HP Academy courses have been great so far.

I completed an apprenticeship at a big name LSX tuning shop in Melbourne, now at Uni studying Automotive engineering.

I have a VY ss ute "LS1TOY" with a little bit of work done. Now looking after the engines at my universities formula SAE team.

Luckily I get to work on our dynos, chassis and Engine, with all sorts of equipment from AVL and Ricardo as well as all sorts of CAD and simulation software. Currently working on a turbocharged engine for this year. No idea what I want to do when I finish but something with engine development would be good.

Also undertaking some exciting projects i will share when i can.

Hi Shuff

Welcome to the forum. What engine are you using in your formula SAE car? I have had a local team in to use the dyno as their engine dyno is out of action, they are using a single cylinder engine from a quad bike.

Hey Chris,

Thanks for the welcome.

We are using a 500cc twin from a Yamaha Snowmobile. Usually has a CVT attached but we have built our own 4 speed sequential gearbox/transaxle job.

It's great to see people like you helping out student teams, especially use of a dyno. Well done.

On a lower note, our workshop was broken into last night, took heaps of tools and my personal laptop with all my cal files on it. not to mention 4 years of work.


That's gutting to hear, do you have any of it backed up elsewhere? I have all my calendar files stored on two different thumb drives that stay in different locations away from the shop, a habit I picked up from doing photography.

It's the least I can do, as I said their equipment is out of use and it's always good if a local team win

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