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Hi From Sydney

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Tell us a little about you. What cars you are interested, where you are from and why you are interested in learning to tune.

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Thought i would introduce myself. Im Josh, 24 years old from Sydney, Aus.

My project car is a 1963 EH Holden wagon which i have swapped in a turbo 2jz engine. I am looking to learn more about tuning to get the most out of my car. It is a street car but I have the intention to take it drag racing.

I purchased the Practical Standalone Tuning course from HPA to help me learn some more of the details behind tuning and have already started using the information i have learnt to optimise the fuel map in the Haltech Elite ecu using a wideband o2 sensor and pc logging on the street and strip.

The next steps i will be taking with the car is completing an e85 flex tune on it so i can wind the boost up - the end goal is a low 10 or high 9 second pass in street trim.



Nice one Josh. I'll be looking forward to seeing your beast run out at 'The Creek".

Hi Josh,

Welcome to HPA, could you post some pictures of the Wagon for those of us who don't get them in our domestic market?

Not sure how to post a photo but here's a link to the video of the car. It usually has standard hubcaps on so its a bit of a sleeper.




She's mint!