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Hi from Tasmania

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My name is Rob, I've been fiddling about with cars now for 30 yrs in one way or another. I've owned a 1999 wrx for the past 12 years or so, swore I 'd never lay a spanner on it but one thing leads to another...

For me it's more about the building and tuning than the driving so I seem to be changing things around every 12mnths or so. The block in the car is totally over engineered for my needs and has a 550hp turbo on it. The tuning platform is Linkg4+.

I know my way around the software pretty well and am confident with a lot of aspects of tuning, however I have never had the confidence to take the ignition timing to where it could be for max power.

This series of courses is teaching me so much more than I thought possible. The webinars are awesome, now I can set up my knock control thanks to that one and I made my cams sound tougher with the Idle Ignition Table. Stuff like that is gold. I'm loving it thanks HPA.

Welcome to HPA, it's good to see you're able to put the courses and webinars straight to use, that way you can make the most of the investment

Thanks Chris. I'm loving these courses.

I've got some bits off the car again at the moment. There is a true divorce dump pipe here from Moore Performance for my Twinscroll turbo that is going to be fitted up with a separate 2" pipe for the wastegate.

Really looking forward to seeing what it can do

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