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Hi from "The DMV" area, USA (Washington DC/Maryland/Virginia)

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Hi, all!

I've seen some familiar names on these forums, not that I know them personally, but I recognize them from around the net. It's nice to know I am among some great minds.

A little about me? Well, I am an Architect. Well, soon-to-be, at least. Licensure is coming soon! My passion has always been cars, however. I have a business that allowed me to "Make my childhood dreams come true" in a sense and I've been modifying cars for about 6 years. As I grow in skill, I tend to work on my own car to get a solid understanding of principles before I apply them to others' cars.

About 3 years ago, I turbocharged my 2004 Acura 3.5RL (KA9 Honda Legend to the rest of the world) using the satellite method (aka, rear mount). It's the only running one in existence to my knowledge. While running a Perfect Power SMT8 piggyback and a knock window box got it up and running with minimal effort, I am looking to go further with it now, I want to be able to demonstrate the capabilities of "Outside-of-the-Box" approaches to car tuning. You don't need the most popular car chassis to go fast.

I am a fan of the "Mega" systems, and will be using the smallest of their line (The "Micro") to just get a quick and dirty understanding of fuel tuning on the RL.

Hope to learn a lot from these forums and limit my trial and error times by a great deal.

Thanks for reading this far!



Welcome to HPA. be sure to start a build thread in the section for it as that sounds like an interesting project!

Thanks for the welcome, Chris!

I hope to be able to document the more complex aspects of the build as well as some of those viral "Build Threads."

I love seeing uncommon cars built and the Legend/3.5RL is one of those "forgotten in history" type of cars. I hope to give it some time in the sun with the help of these courses, and the members here!

I'll keep an eye out for it. you never see many legends on the road here either

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