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Hi from the UK

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I'm relatively new to the forum and tuning in general. I work for a small company called AET motorsport and we specialise in flash tuning fords, mainly the fiesta st180. Although the flash tuning files are outsourced I'm currently building a fiesta for circuit racing using a Delta Gdi4 ECU. hints or tips on tuning a GDI engine would be great and I'm loving the course so far thanks.

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Hi Patrick,

Welcome to HPA. How is the new range of SCS ecu's? I've not had a chance to play with any yet.

is there anything in particular you're struggling with?

Hi Chris,

The delta seems brilliant for a entry level ECU.

At the moment I'm struggling for fuel delivery which it seems is a common problem for the GDI engine. What baffled me is on the same setup with OEM ECU i can get more power than with the delta ecu. I'm not sure if it's hardware related or if the ECU can't keep up. Fortunately I have a hub dyno at my disposal and ample time to play

Which part of the fuel delivery? is it the fuel pressure not delivering or the injectors? Have you tried altering the injector angle at all?

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