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I am David from the South-East, below London.

I have just completed the EFI Tuning Fundamentals course, taking 38 pages on notes along the way. If I write it down I tend to remember it better.

I've tuned a couple of ECU's in the past (PowerFC, STD Mitsubishi & E-Manage) just by trial/error. I attended another companies 'Introduction to Mapping' course a few years back, and am keen to learn more. I've been lucky to have good access to a dyno in the past, and want to get more practical experience in 2016.

I found the HPA site through 'Speedhunters'.

welcome, to be honest you probably know more than myself. the course you said you have taken, was that with ema academy? i know they do a few courses but i was sceptical, im fairly sure the guys who run the EMA academy are also the same of horsham developments who make the chipped ecu's for sr20det engines?

Yes was with EMA in 2011, it was a good course and helped me a lot. You are right in that it's run by Jez from Horsham Developments with his business partner Anthony. I have been keen to get back into one of their onsite hands on mapping courses but the timing of their courses is just never when I am also available.

I am keen to try the HPA Remote Dyno at some point.

Hi Daved, welcome to HPA.

From the fact you've tuned a few OE Mitsubishi ECU's are you an Evo man? What software did you use?

I've used ECUFlash on my own Evo 6, it was imported and came with a mapped ECU from Japan, It went really well, but it had a massive amount of timing thrown at it, so I used the ECUFlash to take a bunch out.

Luckily one of the well known mappers on the MLR forum lives in my county, so managed to get him to come and map my last Evo 4. Really transformed it.

I recently acquired a Nissan 200sx S14 with a Haltech Platinum ECU installed, so looking forward to some dyno time soon.

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