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Hi! I'm Flavio From Italy (Charade GTti, Copen l880, Mini R56, Subaru STI Blobeye and many others)

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Hi, I'm from Italy and now I'm living in USA for.... I don't know how long, but I like travel all around the world and Japan is my favourite country to visit.

My first car was a Charade GTti, and after over 20 year I still have that. Now the little 993cc run 176hp, nobody over me touched that and I'm proud of that, Willwood for brake and Inverted custom B16 with externar reservoil for suspensions a side of all strut bars everywhere and a whiteline swaybar. I spend year for make that like how it is right now, a side of that I still have also my Copen l880 one of the 30 turbo rhd in italy, I feel like I will never sell it also, surprise it's completely stock! Now here in usa I have one 2009 JCW, I did some little thing for improve the car, but nothing that can sacrify the very nice low end torque. Right now with 260.000km.... that is not my favourite car so far, too much electronics and for do everything you had to have special tools, so, I decide to come back with my old abits and I got one STI, of course with the right engine, the ej207, thats amazing and I'm working for make it right after works that was not right for my opinion, to big turbo also single scroll, 9.5" rims..... the car did not have even the dccd controller installed and the suspensions was ridiculus. Right now I got Ohlins, a dccd pro, a real rims with 8" ssr type C, and I'm planning to find the right way for the turbo, eternal dilemma, one vf36 obviusly twin scroll, or make my efr7163 praticly new in twin scroll configuration. Right now I think it run like at the maximum efficency even at 8000rpm, also with very low backpressure at the exhaust. But I like the spool lower than 3600 for 1bar and 4000 rpm for 1.3.

My brother have my same sickness, Lancia delta Evo and Renault 5 Alpine Turbo....

Thanks for let me joint you!

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