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Hi I'm Joseph from Jacksonville

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Not so much a noob but more so out of practice.It's been a long time coming but I'm getting back to the simple things that make me Happy. Sadly I have more than one project but it keeps me busy. I have 01 GMC Sonoma For a daily. Then My 05 Evo rs, still think of her as a daily. Only upgrade as things break. Last week a 99 integra fell in to My hands to donate motor trany and a list of parts for My 95 civic Hatch. Car really Needs a bath, this is My oldest project. Bought her the year my Daughter was born Been sitting way to long waiting for this. Threw a rod 15 years ago. I really have no excuses for why it's taken me this long. Last I have a 90 Eagle talon. motors been in three DSM's before finally being left in this all wheel. for a long time it was my project that i worked on regularly. I parked it cause I hit a wall. That I'm finally breaking thru. as soon as I'm finished swapping everything for my civic I'm on to Her next.

One Final note, please don't text and drive it was a pretty Integra. secondly Dont Drink n' Drive I spend 8 hours a day Installing and Monitoring Ignition Interlock Devices (breathalyzers), Believe Me it can happen to any body

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Wow, it looks like that Integra literally fell! That was a texting and drive accident?

Welcome to HPA

Sadly yes. But she walked away from it in on piece.

Very lucky!

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