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Hi,from the Netherladns

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Tell us a little about you. What cars you are interested, where you are from and why you are interested in learning to tune.

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Hi guys , my name is Sergiu I'm originally from Romania but I live in the Netherlands . I've been a vehicle technician for about 20 years , I have a very good knowledge about engines and transmissions .I have rebuilt successfully many engines and transmissions , I can troubleshot easily most of the issues of mechanical or electrical nature with vehicles . I have some basic knowledge about tuning engines , I would like to extend my knowledge and master the art .I work often with ECU's writing software for them but only using OM software and using OM tools or approved by manufacturer.I have completed some of the courses and I fond a lot of valuable information presented . Looking forward to complete this courses and start tuning .

G'day Sergiu, glad to have you on the board :-).

Writing software for OEM's sounds fascinating, can you share any details of any projects you've worked on? I majored in embedded systems at uni, so anything that involves both coding and cars really spins my wheels!

Welcome to HPA Sergiu, nice to chat to you today =)

Like Zac mentioned you're in a pretty cool position there, must be a challenging and interesting role.

Enjoy your journey into tuning! As well as the tutors there are some awesome members here who are full of knowledge and take the time to help out too =)

Welcome to HPA Sergiu.

What sort of makes of car do you usually work on?

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