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I'm not a tuner.. But after getting burnt with a new install I want to learn more about my system

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Hi All,

I'm Darren Baker from Australia.

I have a Nissan Silvia S14 RWD Dirt Rally Car that is built to the P4 rules which limit modifications to the car. The main problems with these rules are the STD Turbo & you must use an STD size intercooler in the factory location.

I've just had an Haltech Elite 2500 ECU with complete engine loom, IQ3 data logger dash with a GPS track/Speed sensor fitted. IMO this job cost way more than it should of and took the car out of competition for 26 weeks (1 full race season). The resulting job/tune was less advanced than what I had set up on my old ViPec plug and play ECU, so now I just want to try and add extra profiles to what I have or at a minimum get a better understanding of what can be done.

I live in a remote area where the closest Dyno is 250km away or in my case the Dynos I now would trust are over 900km away.

I have a lot of ideas on what I would like to get my computer system to do for me and being a Dirt Rally car most of the ideas don't follow the Drag or Circuit Racing setups that I see in the tuning videos. I also want to learn more about reading data and understanding where improvements to both handling and driving can be made.

Car details

1995 Nissan S14A; SR20DET; S15 head modified with Race Cams, Blueprinted Turbo, 6 boost manifold low mount; V2 Tomie dump pipe, 3 inch straight exhaust system, 6 speed sequential with custom gear ratio built for the car, MCA Gold canister suspension tuned for the car by MCA, Forged Mahle piston and rods; GTIR crank; Snow Performance water injection kit for Intercooler cooling; Modified front and rear suspension for Rally conditions; LSD in multiply ratio for different events from Speed to tight twisty; Full underbody armour; Front bash plates and gearbox protection; Haltech 2500Elite set up with multi power profiles (Alot more tuning planned); IQ3 data logging dash; GPS track/Speed sensor; Terratrip 303 GeoTrip Rally Computer.

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26 weeks! That is definitely on the long side, but hopefully in the long term it all pays off though and I'm certain you will be better for all the knowledge you're going to pick up along the way now.

That first pic of your car on the drag strip really caught me out, was not expecting that haha Good man.

I hope you're enjoying getting started and remember to post up any questions you have for Andre with as much detail as possible when required in the applicable forum, he's here to help, and if you think there might be some content in the courses or webinar archive that you just can't quite find we're never far from support@hpacademy.com

Can you expand a bit more no what you have on the engine management side of things? What sensors are you running?

If you have a wideband lambda sensor that has logging in the ECU, you can make fuel adjustments yourself based on what the car is doing in a real world scenario, but of course, if you want to measure torque and find MBT ignition advance, then you'll need a dyno.

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