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Well, since this is an introduction thread I'll save the questions for the appropriate place. I've been a gearhead since a good friend of my father gave me an old cast iron lawn mower engine to play with when I was around 5. Professionally I've been a computer software engineer for the past 22 years but before that I made a good living as a Ford tech.

My current tuning project is a 2006 F-250 6.0L Powerstroke. I started with an SCT tuner but decided I wanted still more power. Bigger injectors, bigger turbo, upgrades to the fuel and exhaust systems and other mods had me getting custom tunes for the SCT. I was never quite happy with any of them. I'm very fussy for instance about how my transmissions operate and was never thrilled with anything I bought so I decided to dig in and do it myself. I almost knew I could get better economy too if I drove it appropriately.

I started with the SCT Advantage III tuning software which, while it has an awful lot of things to toggle and twiddle, the explanation for what a lot of them are is simply, "no description available". Even with my background I couldn't really figure out what a lot of the maps were for. I go a basic course from The Tuning School geared for this package which helped a little, but just didn't take me far enough.

I've since switched to HPTuners and have gone through the diesel courses offered here and am off to a much better start I think. The course material here goes into much greater detail and provides me with the theory and mathematics I'd been missing. HPTuners itself seems to have better descriptions of what does what. There are still some ??? marks there but hopefully someone here will have some answers for me.

So far, I'm quite happy with the course material here.

Hello and thanks for joining Hp Academy, super stoked to have you here with us and hopefully, we can help you fill in the blanks you need help with

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