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hi everyone!

My name is Jose, I’m originally from PR but live in NC USA. I’m active duty military, and always had interest for cars. I currently own a 89 Mazda rx7 s5 turbo. All the work I’ve done has been mainly on rotary engines. I’m interested in continue learning how to tune for rotarys engines. Glad to be here.


Hi Jose,

Welcome to HPA. Is your S5 still on the stock ECU?

It’s currently running a Microtech Lt9c. I’m thinking to switching it for the monsoon link g4.

The Monsoon is a good system, I've got one in my own Glanza V

Awesome. I had posted asking about it. I mainly just want to make sure that I can do the same with the monsoon of what the Microtech have, which is not a lot. My main reason to switch is because how hard it is to tune the ignition on the Microtech. And all the classes I’ve done are mainly on link g4. Any feedback you have on the monsoon will be greatly appreciated. I also selected the monsoon because of the price.

Just looked at the other post where you're talking about what you currently control with the Microtech, the Monsoon is more than capable and leagues ahead in functionality

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