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IS200 using ECUMaster DET3 piggyback help

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Hi all, I am relitivaly new to tuning and i am kind of struggling trying tou build a base map. I know that if i could just get it running id be able to tweak to my hearts content but i cannot find a base map. I know that i have dived head first into this but any help would be appreciated.

Its to do with the information in the setup tables, i just dont know where to start, i have watched the courses and thought that id give it a go but there isnt really a lot for piggyback ECU's.

First, I would connect to the piggyback ECU and make sure it can detect when the engine is cranking, and that all other sensor inputs are giving reasonable readings (reconfigure or relcalibrate as necessary to resolve any issues).

Next, I would use whatever diagnostics are available to test any outputs (fuel injectors & perhaps ignition) controlled by the piggyback module.

Is there any logging capability, or does that happen when a PC is connected? I start with cranking, and capture logs to understand what is happening.

Do the manuals, or online help have any guidelines for how this is to be connected / configured? Usually I would start there.