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Jake from New Jersey

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Hi All,

I'm not good with intros; so I will get right into it. I enrolled in the Wiring Fundamentals course after watching the solder vs crimp videos on YouTube probably for the 100th time. Also, I'm nearing the end of a project and have come to realize that I need to learn more about electrical wiring. I just bought my first crimping tool and I now realize that I should have gotten this tool a couple decades ago.

My project is a 1986 Ford Crown Victoria that I swapped a 5.8L into. I retained the EFI and have repaired portions of the main harness. I also added 6 gauges to the electrical system. If I get the car running successfully; I will revisit the gauges and rewire them properly; after studying the Wiring Fundamentals course. I just want to improve my skills in this hobby. Glad to have found HPA :-)

East coast in the house...

I just watched the Relay section of the Fundamentals course and I now have a much better understanding of how they work. Previously, I knew what their function is, but not how they functioned. I've installed a few relays over the years in a few of the vehicles I've worked on. The latest being the Crown Vic headlight relays. I bought a conversion kit from LMC Truck to do this; but now I see that I could have assembled one of my own. I may revisit this as well in the future. My comprehension may be lower than average; but I am enjoying these courses nonetheless.

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