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Joe from Michigan, United States - building a 600 whp R33 GTR....as a newb

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I am not a mechanic but I have always loved skylines and the R33 GTR has been my favorite for about 2 decades now. Since they're legal to important into the United States, and financially I was in a place to afford one, I found a deal and snagged it.

Being legal to import means that it's 25 and being a skyline means it probably had a hard life. I am in the process of removing the motor and will tear it all the way down, send it to a machine shop for all the checks and balances and then begin my rebuild journey. Did I mention i'm not a mechanic?

HPA has already been very helpful in my process and i've got a lot of the tools I should need to do a good job. Wish me luck. Follow the progress on instagram: AverageJoeGTR

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I love the car...

Thanks! I just got the motor and trans out over the weekend. Now the fun begins

Goodluck Joe

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