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Kopikasracing from Estonia

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Hi lads!

My name is Mairo and I am 23 years old. My story begins from very little age when I had the possibility to cheer for my dad next to a drag strip. Remembering to back to as early as 8 year old, I knew that cars are my passion. For my 19th birthday my parents surprised me with one of the most unbelievable gifts that I hadn't even dared to dream of in my sleep.

It was a legendary Lada (VAZ) 2101 known as Kopikas. My father was one of the builders of the car but in year 2010 the owner stopped racing the car in hopes for upgrade. It had been raced with 2.0 liter turbocharged + NOS Fiat engine (inline 4) and ran 12.4 as it's best ET with the setup.

The upgrade consisted on going over for the almighty LS. Years passed by and at one point the owner sold every piece and part of the car and was done with the racing. That's where my parents pulled a few strings and soon my breath was taken away when few minutes past 4PM, I got an picture of the car and a message asking "Sooo? What do you think?"

From that moment I have been working hard to finance the build of the car since LS is not common in this part of the world. Since the car was only body and chassis, It took me a few years to get everything together but on 27th August 2020, I finally heard the sounds of the LM7 twin turbo setup that we had managed to put together. That was one night before the final drag race event of the year.

At our first run, we managed to do 11.9s @193 km/h as for the qualifiers. Since I've been stumbling upon problems and errors, we have not had the chance to really try the car out and have it properly tuned out. Last dyno session ended with destroyed rear differential that managed to withstand only 700+ hp. Hopefully High Performance Academy is the right place for me to try fine-tuning the ride myself, rather than take it to dyno.

As for the Kopikasracing mentioned in the name - I am not the only one in our family driving the masterpiece of the Soviet Union. The Lada theme actually started with my father who bought his in the early 2000's and has ever since been the fastest Lada in the region (Current Best ET 10.6). His ride is fitted with 4g63 turbocharged engine which is found under the bonnet of EVO 9 - pushing around 600 horsepower.

So long story short - Kopikasracing is family with a real addiction to speed and racing, for the smell of burnt rubber and ethanol fuels. You can keep an eye on us through Instagram @kopikasracing

We actually have more than 2 Ladas in the family. The 3 in the following picture are the most eye-catching by far.

Orange is mine Twin turbo V8. (1971)

Yellow has been a gift for sister, but since she has not finished her drivers license, I tend to drive around with it. 2.0 Fiat engine making approximately 100kw, LSD and power steering for the daily vibes. (1980)

Blue is fathers 2 liter rallycross beast that's used for drag racing.