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Mike from Slovakia with Subaru STI 2.5

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Hello to all,

I like motorsport and especially hillclimb racing.

I have Subaru STI 2.5 with some light modifications and light tuning now with forged engine.

I try to learn here how to build my own reliable forged engine, after my will go away (one time it will come sooner or later :) )

This type of engine is quite difficult to build well and reliably (especially machining proces is critical- to do both half cases 100% ,

witch equal hight and match side to side each oposite bores 100%, line honing, bore honing everything need to be done 100% sure),

because these engines tend to "twist" under ARP clamping force.

I am really happy to be here, and I start with engine building courses and I am going to go through all EFI tuning courses as well.

Hope I also find here some Subaru engine "specialists" and fans to help me to do the step by step engine building proces well :)

Greeting from Slovakia :)

Welcome Marian

great to have you sharing with us and we are so happy you have enjoyed our engine building coarse