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Mitch Minton, From Nashville TN, USA

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Hello everyone! I'm Mitch Minton, 27 years of age. I've been fascinated by powersports and mechanics for as long as I could turn wrenches. I'm a tire builder for Bridgestone, and an enthusiast for the 90's Honda and Acura cars, and the w211 E55 AMG I purchased a year ago. I am fascinated by knowledge, understanding, and engineering design of automotive products. I am currently trying to get a greater understanding on CANbus addressing, programming, and communications. I'm hoping I can start decrypting information on the CAN systems of my E55 so I can understand what holds the car back. :)

Welcome to the forum Mitch. Have you invested in a canbus decoder? I've personally not got one but a company I used to work along side with did for decoding Audi TT's allowing Link G4's to be installed before the plug and play was available

I haven't, i've been researching products but haven't made a purchase on one yet. by all means, if you have a recommendation, i'd love to hear it. i've used a simple obd2 terminal to try and decipher some information, but it gets overwhelming rather quickly. lol

what product(s) do you use and/or recommend?

Thanks Mitch! Really appreciate all your support on the FB too. Really gunning for that number one fan spot ;)

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