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My name is Jan, 37yo, avid gearhead. Started working on cars since the age of 13. Studied automotive engineering in college. Done pretty much everything in motorsports. 2004 started me off with a DTA equipped Astra-F, 2005 brought me into top fuel, which I continued doing throughout the years (TF and TFB). Since 2007 also picked up on motorcycle road racing, AIM data acquisition, Power Commander and HRC ecu's as well as Grip One traction control.

In 2010, off season, I followed two courses with EFI University in the UK where I got the hang with a steady state dyno.

Recent years been involved in setting up a Land and Sea dyno in my hometown, with DYNOmite software, Daytona WEGO widebands, etc...

Previously dealer diagnostic expert, CAN, LIN, etc..

Currently engine builder, cilinderhead work, honing, decking...

All in all busy to compile an overall package, CNC machining is in the pipe lines.

Since my dad was a conventional machinist by trade.

Hi Jan,

Welcome to the forum, that is some range of skills that you've amassed already!

How do you do find the land and sea dynos? I looked at them what I was in the market for one.

Hi Chris,

found that Land and Sea was an attractive package to start with.

This particular dyno has been build around a Schenck waterbrake.

It has many features, many options (too many options IMHO) in the software.

Helpdesk is pretty good though.

Definite downside is the prices of the extra modules, which are plug and play in the DynoMite software.

I prefer using my own choice of electronics, not being tied down to L&S sold equipment.

This is where it lacks, it takes some time and considerable knowledge to add third party sensoring.

So yes the initial investment seems low, but all in all, considering everything you construct yourself, buy additionally... it is still a pretty expensive set up, when you want to do it right.

If the engine dyno owner would do it again he would go for a initially more expensive complete option, like Superflow.

Cause in the end, you end up paying around the same money.

Superflow has a bigger international network, therefore support and supply chaines are better.

Attached a picture of the finished cell.

Best regards,


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