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Motorsports Enthusiast & Hobbyist out of Texas, USA: Long History with 90s Nissans

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Hello everyone! I've been a long time member of HPA, but not terribly active in both keeping up with the lessons or especially the forum. I am up to date with the podcast though! All of my projects have been sitting idle for about 4 years as well. Having a couple of kids, moving twice, and transitioning between jobs twice in that time will do that (plus COVID challenges of course)!

Anyway, I have loved to drive since I was a very young kid, digging my own race track with a tractor for an old Datsun B210 we had when I was 14 for example, and really became interested in performance cars at around 2001 or so when I was in high school. Like most kids of this time, I started out wrenching and driving Honda's. Going through a half a dozen or so of them before taking a spin in a friend's SR20 powered S13 in 2002, which sold me on that platform. I picked up my first S13 in 2003 and have had at least 1 since (I currently have 1 S13 and 1 S14).

Another car I was incredibly infatuated with was of course, the R32 Skyline GTR, thanks to Gran Turismo. However, being in the states this was not a reality for me until I was able to purchase a '90 TH1 GTR in 2016. So other than my 2003 Lexus IS300 I use for my daily driver (and Duramax truck used for towing), that rounds out my collection for the most part. A small tidbit about myself outside of cars, is that to satisfy my obsession for figuring out how things work, I eventually obtained my degree in Mechanical Engineering, working mostly in Aerospace, Automotive Aftermarket Performance (Suspension and Off-Road LED Lighting), and now Consumer Products (well known brand hand tools). I also do contract design and analysis work when time permits.

As an enthusiast who "grew up" in the age of forums, I do quite miss them, so hopefully this can be an area where I can share my builds, collaborate with technically minded peers, and continue to learn and build my own skillset (hence why I joined HPA in the first place!).

I'll add a quick overview of each of my projects here for discussion sake, but I will most definitely attempt to put together build threads on each when time permits!

1990 Skyline GTR: I bought the car mostly stock. It is currently down, but will have some modest modifications this summer. I will eventually dive deeper into the car once other cars are track worthy. Due to the limited availability of replacement chassis parts, I will keep this car mostly for fun higher HP street/straight line track driving. I don't want to race wheel to wheel and risk putting it in a wall. The parts waiting for install for now are -9 Garrett Bolt ons, Link G4x, ID injectors, Radium everything available, Hypertune ITB plenum, OSG twin disk clutch, Greddy sump extension, Accusump setup, Tomei oil pump, and some other odds and ends. Nothing ground breaking, but should put a smile on my face while I build the other cars. This will be the first car back on the road.

1992 240SX w/ SR20DET: This car I purchased from my brother a few years ago. It has a stock S13 SR20DET with an S15 Spec-R turbo on it swapped into the US chassis. Hacked wiring, stock ecu, full exhaust, coilovers, full voodoo13 suspension, solid subframe bushings, and a J30 VLSD. The engine is currently decommissioned, as I am replacing it with my old "built" bottom end with some changes and a new cylinder head. It will also get an EFR 7163 with supporting mods that were originally intended for my race car (S14), but I have since changed my mind. The S13 is my "hand-me-down" project car, getting mostly either used parts or parts I am no longer using on my main S chassis project. This car I hope to get on track after my Skyline, possibly early next year.

1996 240SX w/ SR20VET: This is my Time Attack build race car project that has been delayed quite a bit. A mishap during transport during the last move between Arizona and Texas requires a new roof, and I also decided to go full-bore on what I want rather than incremental steps, because once this runs, I won't want to break it down this far every again. I'll focus on the S13 for seat time for now. I have a fully prepped P11 head ready to go, but no bottom end (goal is go billet now). No turbo slated anymore, but thinking on EFR 8474, but can be convinced otherwise. Will run on E85 race gas, pneumatic shifted sequential, Bosch abs, Motec or EMTron (haven't decided yet), custom design suspension by me, full aero, etc etc. There's a reason why this is my last in line project...

I will attempt to post pictures soon, but I have to wrap up my lunch break at work. I look forward to many solid conversations. Cheers!

Hey Steve, welcome aboard!

Looks like you have big plans for your projects, and I hope we can see a build thread on here! I too am stuck in the '90s working mostly on RBs and SRs, and I feel your pain in regards of getting chassis parts for the Skyline. So if you do, I'll subscribe for sure!


Thank you sir! I will definitely get more content uploaded here once I can get it sorted!

For now, here are a couple pictures of the '32 before I put it up on stands so to speak.

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That's funny, our shop build is a TH1 on Advan GT as well, so I have to say it looks so good!. And my own one is a KH2 on Advan TC4 in Bronze. #teamadvan

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