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Hi guys, just joined the community with the EFI foundamental course.

I worked as a motorbike's mechanic for 7 years, but from 3 years after a bad motorbike accident I started to deal with car's motorsport (Italian GT) and projects. I'm currently working on my 92 honda civic in my free time, converting the little b16 engine from N/A to turbo. Unfortunately here in Italy there just few real tuners and they are really far from me, so after I started to play around with my hondata s300, wideband and basemaps, I decided to take a step forward.

Surely I'll have some questions for you guys, we will see in the other sections! Sorry for language errors!


Hi Giovanni,

Welcome to the forum. Is the civic turbod already? If no it would be worth while starting to get used to tuning without having boost to worry about. If the turbo's already fitted then no matter, just use actuator pressure to start, ask as many questions as possible and you'll get a good tune, then add more boost

Hi Chris! not yet the civic is still N/A and I'm playing around with the software :)

Good good, be sure to try out all of the functions that you can before you begin the boosted part to the project, things tend to go wrong a lot faster when you turbo an NA engine

Yep! I'm playing with the software, and I'm quite confident with it, I've just some problems with the compensation tables. I've already saw the webinar and I'm thinking to see it again, maybe I missed something.

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