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New from the Midwest (U.S.A)

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Tell us a little about you. What cars you are interested, where you are from and why you are interested in learning to tune.

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Hey all

New here and hailing from the Midwest region of the USA. Very eager to begin my training in performance ECU tuning here.

I have an appreciation for a wide variety of vehicles. My daily is a self tuned Subaru making double its original power on the original stock long block. It's running Cobb software on the sick ECU. My project is a 71 Monte Carlo outfitted with a twin turbo big block plant running throttle body EFI.

My goals here are to not only better my self tuning skills, but eventually be proficient and become a professional tuner for the folks in my locale. There's a demand for good tuners here and I'm looking to fill that void for the little guy. The bigger name local tuners have a long history of brushing the regular customer aside and focusing their energy and resources on the big money guys who will bring the publicity.

I'm not about that. Nobody is stepping to the plate for the home built crowd so I'll take a swing at it.

A little about me, I have a wife and 3 teenagers, and I'm a chef by profession working as a kitchen manager.

Thanks for having me.

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Also from the Midwest so I had to say hello! I run the HVAC portion of a small family business, pretend to be a chef at home, and throughly love wrenching on my cars.

Hey a Monte Carlo with BBC and turbos is going to be fun !! very nice proyect .

G'day Joel, welcome to the forum. Thoroughly respect your goals, I suspect you'll have more fun and meet some awesome people working for the enthusiast crowd :-).

Your car looks mean as hell! Have you got any video of it doing runs?

Welcome to HPA Joel, dont suppose you have more pictures you'd be willing to share?

Hey all. Thanks for the welcome.

Unfortunately, I don't have any videos of runs as this is a fairly fresh build and still a work in progress. That's part of my purpose for coming here. Needs a few more components and proper tuning before I give it some real boost. However, I have a few more photos that I can share.

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