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Hello fellow horsepower enthusiasts.

I am Jason from the state of Wisconsin in the USA. I have a project car which is a factory five 33 hotrod kit car. It has an LS2 and T56 from a wrecked 2005 GTO (same as Holden Manaro I believe)? I have HP tuners and have removed the anti-theft from the stock ECU and have rewired the harness and the engine runs.

I have decided to go with an aftermarket ECU. Maybe some of the HP Academy guys or you fellow forum members can help me on the decision of what aftermarket ECU to get. I have narrowed it down to the Haltech Elite 2500, or the Motec M130 GPR. The pricing from my local dealer is as follows:

Haltech Elite 2500 with LS2 plug and play harness and WB2 wide band controller $3,040.00 USD

Motec M130 GPR firmware, level 2 logging, dual lamda lsu 4.9 to can $4,617.00. (this includes no harness and it would be $1,000 for a boomslang jumper harness, or i could wire in my current factory harness.

Can anyone tell me if the Motec is worth the extra money? I will be using the car primarily for street use, but will definitely be using the traction control features. I will also be doing some track time at the worlds best road course (Road America in Elkhart Lake Wisconsin). I am a mechanical engineer and don't mind playing with this stuff, but I have little experience tuning. Will one be easier to tune than the other? I have already purchased the flash tune course from HP Academy. I see there is a Motec M1 course here but don't see any Haltech. Both brands seem like very reputable companies that have a long history. I like that the Motec seems to be able to calculate change in air density from fuel atomization, maybe it is things like this that set it apart from the Haltec?

I was also looking at ECU Master, they seem like a very innovative company and I think I will run their display dash and possibly PMU and battery cut out. Their ECU seems nice but not quite as feature rich as the previously mentioned ECU's

That brings up another questions. It seems like I have heard that Motec is proprietary and I may have trouble using other companies devices on the CAN with the Motec ECU? Can anyone confirm this?

And Haltech has also just released the Nexus R5 which would cost less than the Motec ECU and I would have a PMU to wire my complete car.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

Best Regards,


Welcome Jason

your project sounds great we will look forward to watching some progress

The above-mentioned ecus all have there pros and cons I would like to add one more into the mix and that would be the Link ECU