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New guy to the forum in Houston, TX

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I'm currently living in Houston, Texas. I lean toward Nissans but I like pretty much all cars. I currently have a 1991 Nissan 240sx with a RB25DET. It has a GT3582, 256 cams, 650cc injectors, and running Nistune via a Z32 ecu. The car needs the engine rebuilt currently, it has very bad blowby(I bought it this way). Previous owner said it made 324whp @ 6psi boost, I plan to run considerably more than that once I rebuild the motor. I'm currently attending the School of Automotive Machinists here in Houston. I graduated Engine Block class and am currently in Cylinder Head class. I previously had a 2000 Nissan Silvia with a SR20DET, it made 425whp with a Forced Performance TD06-20g at 19psi with 850cc injectors, 256 cams, and a Power FC tuned by myself.

Welcome to the forum. Those are some impressive figures in the Silvia, can't wait to see what you manage from the 240sx

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