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Hi there!

Been watching the hpacademy for quite some time now.Today I completed my registration and hope to learn and solve everything that it's involved with engine tuning.

From Sunny Athens with a Mazda MX5 that I am planning to rev to 9000 rpm!


Hi Ilias,

Welcome to HPA. Have you worked out what hardware you'll need to support 9000?

Hi Chris.

It's a fully built engine.

Cat Cams,Part Number 3701258 special order.106 LSA degrees.

Adjustable Toda Cam Gears for Overlap and LSA degreeing etc.

Solid Mazdaspeed Lifters,Part Number MMD-B6N7-12-183

Supertech heavy double springs with titanium retainers ,Part Number SKU#: SPRK-MM16D2

Oversize valves 1mm intake(Hi Flow)-exhaust,Part Number MAEVN-1102 and MAIVN-1102

Supertech oil stem seals

Brass valve guides Miata Roadster

Head Bolts from ARP,Part Number 218-4701

Displacement 1.639lt

Pistons Supertech,Part Number P4-MA790-N1,CR: 10:1 wich are from low expanding aluminium.

Piston Rings from Wiseco,these are high tension

Conrods from Manley Part Number 14011-4

Crank bolts also from ARP,Part Number 218-5401

ACL mains ,Part Number ACL-4B8351H-STD

ACL on conrods also,Part Number ACL-5M8353H-STD

Billet hi flow oil pump from Boundary Engineering Stage II

ATI Harmonic Balancer Part Number,916885

Maruha Oil Pan Buffle Part Number,mar07102207

Engine mounts from Mazdaspeed


OEM Mazda Gasket Kit

Maruha engine gasket Part Number,mar10012801

Water Pump from Mazda

Timming belt Gates Part Number,T179RB

The head is ported and polished.At this time i have given my cylinder head to my machinery shop because the lifter bosses do contact the camshaft lobes.We went from 8mm lift to 12mm lift.There is still work to do.Alot...We gave extra attention to the engine tolerances from crank because extra revving demands different approach than a standard engine.He is a well known machinist ,friend and i thrust him completelly.

The post is a copy paste from our local forum.The car has undergone many upgrades from the brakes,chassis,transmission etc.It's a track project but it will be daily driven also.The ECU is a Vipec i88.I am still playing with the ECU layout to try sort and figure things out.We will be in touch.Last thing the car will be Rotrex equipped with a C30/74 kit.It's a Kraftwerks kit that i had on the car when it was on completelly stock internals engine and produced 217hp on the crank.After 25000 kms(Not being Intercooled) the cylinder head melted between Cyl1 and Cyl2(during a Track Day session,my bad) so i started this project.I am planning to break the engine in in N/A mode so to see the gains from the theory and afterwards i will add the Rotrex.

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