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new member from northern california

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Hello all,

I just recently became a member, I went with the vip deal, and I have to say it is a great deal. I'm new to tuning, and I am getting into rallycross locally. I have a couple of builds going on and will post them up when I get time to get pictures. They are a 93 impreza, and a mk1 ford fiesta rally car. I look forward to learning everything I can, and these forums look like a pretty good resource.

Hi Dpotter,

Welcome to HPA. What part of the builds are you involved in?

Thanks, I am slowly building the 93 into a rallycross car, it was originally fwd, I swapped it to awd, and soon it will have a wrx swap when the money allows for it. The mk1 fiesta I received in a trade and is my rallycross car for right now. It has a cage and it's all stripped. I just need to update the seats and harnesses. The impreza will be my starting point unto the wonderful world of tuning.

Hey I'm in about the same boat as you. I picked up the VIP as well. Definitely want to see pics of the fiesta rally car.

Here's a few pictures of the cars. The gc impreza needs an engine right now, and i'm kind of torn on what to do with it. the fiesta has a few issues i'm working out, mainly being money for seats and harnesses. The seat I have in it now is terrible and unmounted.

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They look like great bases for what you've planned, I don't suppose you'd fancy starting a build thread and keeping it updated with your progress?

Yeah I will start a build thread for them. I have been meaning to do that.

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