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New member from Sydney, Australia

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Hi Guys,

Just thought I would pop in here and introduce myself. My name is Matt, and I have been interested in cars and airplanes since as far back as I can remember. I remember watching Bathurst 1992 on the TV when Jim Richards dropped his famous "pack of..." line and since then I have been interested in turbo and high tech engines. Years later, I knew some guys that were turbocharging Hondas in Sydney and they were getting some great power figures from those little engines, and I became a huge fan of that too.

A bit later on, I fulfilled a life long dream of getting my pilots license, and I became very passionate about flying aerobatics. The engines and technology used in general aviation aircraft are pretty ancient, but they do get the job done, and so I used my knowledge of cars and engines to understand how and why the Lycoming/Continental/etc are so awful.. Some companies are fixing this up (GAM and their GAMijectors are one) that let you tune each cylinder by itself, which gives quite a decent gain in power and economy.

After satisfying the flying bug, I settled down and started a family, and I'm now getting the itch again, so I'd like to fulfil another life dream by drag racing a Skyline GT-R. I saw HP academy online and loved the course material, and since its something I can do at home, on the way to work, after the kids are asleep, it suits me perfectly - I can learn as much as I can about tuning before going out and buying a project car and spending money it!

Thanks for listening, and looking forward to doing more tuning in the near future!

Hi Matt,

Welcome to HPA. What GT-R are you thinking for drag racing?

G'day Chris,

That would have to be the R32 Godzilla! The one that started it all :)

What are you racing/tuning these days?



Racing? I'd need to get out of the shop to do that lol.

I've various cars in from a Godzilla to a Glanza and virtually everything in between.

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